Hello world!


By Howard Lovely, Jr.

Welcome,….                                                                                                                    In the days to come I will be speaking about a journey that I’ve been on for the past 40 years. This often times painful, hilariously despicable, enlightening, shameful, courageous, vivid and finally inspirationally motivating experience will be described in venue appropriate detail. I am one of approximately *40 million individuals who grew-up in an abusive childhood environment only to live an adult life of pain, confusion and frustration to say the least,….What I personally call “Living A Strange Death”. I have weathered Depression, Anxiety, multiple In-Patient Psych-Ward visits, estrangement from my birth family, employment difficulty, perpetual single status, survivability, college graduation to my amazement and greatly diminished quality of life to say the least. My crowning achievement that I am most proud of is my failed Suicide attempt at age 27. The previous sentence in part explains my purpose for being “here”. This Blog is my personal attempt to further my healing process as well as potentially help others in some capacity via sharing of my personal story / experiences in every way imaginable and known resources available for help to all who choose to reach out courageously.

Consider choosing to join me on what will prove to be an often times myth-busting, fascinating, frustrating and personal-belief-challenging journey. Where’s my “Mind” located any way..???


*Data obtained from Makersofmemories.org

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