“Relationships” Free Teleseminar Featuring Harville Hendrix Begins May 14th


I personally have spent a lot of time reading many books, and participating in weekend workshops over the years to prepare myself for a better me and that fantastic woman who will eventually show up in my life. Hurry-up why don’t ya woman….!!!                   Ha!…Ha!…Ha! Seriously,….Harville is one of my favorite relationship coaches because he comes across as real and down to earth in his approach. I encourage you to consider choosing to check-out this free workshop even if your current relationship with yourself and your significant other is top-notch at this time.

P.S.                                                                                                                                  I’ve already registered…! See ya there…!!! 🙂

By Howard Lovely, Jr.

__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ching What We Need to Learn Free Upcoming Teleseminar Begins May 14th

Harville & Helen are featured guests in an upcoming free teleseminar series called Teaching What We Need to Learn: Leaders in Personal Growth and Spirituality Share their Own Innermost Challenges.

The unique interview reveals their own every day vulnerabilities in a way that having to be an “expert” doesn’t always allow. Host Raphael Cushnir envisioned a vital purpose in such transparency – helping us to remember that everyone is both teacher and student.

The series features nearly forty interviews in all, including visionaries from the realms of spirituality, psychotherapy, relationships, meditation, nonduality, yoga, and social activism. Starting next week, you will have the opportunity to listen to a series of audio interviews from renowned teachers such as Don Miguel Ruiz, Byron Katie, Daniel Siegel, Ram Dass and Lama Surya Das.

Brought to you in partnership with Sounds True, a pioneer in transformational multimedia, the series begins on May 14th (Harville and Helen’s interview will broadcast on June 11th) and continues through the summer. You can stream and/or download each interview for free from the time of its release until the series concludes. To learn more, hear a preview, and sign up for the series, click here.

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