“Help vs. Hinderance” (How Do You Show-Up?)


By Howard Lovely, Jr.

During the past week I have completed three “Reconnection” sessions with Debora Wayne (www.healingwithdebora.com). she was trained by Dr. Eric Pearl (www.thereconnection.com) as a [Reconnective Healing Practitioner]. I completed my third long distance session yesterday.

At this time I can definitely tell you that it did not make me sick or ill in any way. I did not get hypnotized to go rob a bank or any other potentially weird ideas and concerns that a person might have.

However I did feel extremely tired(physically & emotionally) after the first session that lasted about 45 minutes and I was extremely hungry for some reason. At this early stage of the Reconnective “treatment”,…all I can do is observe myself(thoughts, reactions, sleep, mood, ect.,.) daily as several weeks pass. Then and only then will I have a better idea or know if the sessions helped me and if the changes,…if any,…will remain.

I can tell you that I am extremely grateful for individuals such as Debora Wayne,…individuals that show-up in my life while choosing to be [help] rather than [hinderance]. Debora is a Woman who showed up in my life full of encouraging words and calling for me to rise up from [my] depths of dispar,…rather than uttering words of be-littlement as so many other individuals have chosen to do over the previous years. Even if these three “reconnection” sessions that I have completed do absolutely nothing to further my personal healing process,…Debora’s spirited efforts and words,…that have been backed-up by immediate action on her part,…will continue to serve as part of my healing process at the very least. In my opinion,…there is no substitute for the [spirited-power] of a Woman that believes in herself and encourages my abilities as a Man,…to heal,…and to be everything within my capabilities. Subsequently I win regardless of the potential out-come resulting from the [Reconnection] sessions.

How do you show-up for yourself on a daily basis…???

Do you choose to investigate offers of potential [Help]…?

Do you choose to [Help] yourself…?

Do you choose to [Hinder] yourself…?

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