“Dam vs. Water-Hose”


By Howard Lovely, Jr.

It’s been almost two weeks since I completed my first “Reconnection” session and I can tell you that something is happening within my central nervous system. Although I still have a cognitive mind that seemingly chatters uncontrollably like a 100 monkeys in a tree,….my central-nervous system appears to have taken another step toward calming down. My 40 year affair with typical feelings of being high on adrenaline, seemingly 24/7,…coupled with near constant muscle tension and physical body alertness that feels as sharp as the sting of a thousand mosquitos descending on my skin all at once,…appears to have been influenced in a positive manner via my recent Reconnection treatments. I find it difficult to vividly explain the near instantaneously painful bio-chemical, physical, emotional and psychological reaction that takes place within my body; moreover, daily assaults by general stimulus that would be considered harmless are brutal to say the least. For me the extremes of the automatic reaction makes it very easy to distinguish a diminution of the symptoms in my case. Here’s why,…first imagine PTSD and it’s subsequent automatic symptoms as being the spillway gates fully open on a [dam]. Now,…after treatments imagine PTSD and its automatic symptoms as a common open-ended [garden hose] turned on full blast. That’s the way I’ve been feeling during the past few days after my treatments,…like the garden hose example. As if gradually during the past six years my nervous system’s “flood-gates” have been closing slowly,…little by little after being stuck in a wide open position for nearly 40 years,…now only opening as necessary in an automatically controlled reasonable manner that is in alignment with and dictated by environmental stimulus. Now keep in mind that I have previously done Eye-Movement-Desensitization & Reprocessing (EMDR) and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique or “Tapping”). Each seems to have furthered my progress toward symptom remission during the past six years and my recent [Reconnection] “treatments” appear to be positively adding to the mix. That’s six years of progressive remission accomplished in relative daily isolation compared to nearly forty years total time of living with this relentlessly uncontrolled crap (PTSD). Even though my newly functioning [sympathetic nervous system] and it’s more appropriate automatic reactions feel odd, uncomfortable and take some getting used to,…it’s needless to say that I’m getting a little pumped about the possibilities in my near future. My progress thus far has been accomplished in isolation with minimal social interaction and I continue to have a lot of ground to cover in my recovery process. My healing progress eventually has to be tested on [my terms],…through a protracted and gradual reduction in social isolation. I do consider that this phase requires extreme awareness, self-respect and discretionary choice,…even though I prefer “faster” results.

During the past two weeks I have completed three “Reconnection” sessions with Debora Wayne (www.healingwithdebora.com). she was trained by Dr. Eric Pearl (www.thereconnection.com) as a [Reconnective Healing Practitioner].

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