By Howard Lovely, Jr.

Life experience has taught me that my Mental-Illness is a type of “spot-light” that will illuminate my character,…as well as the character of everyone around me,…for better or worse. Oddly,…this last personal fact makes it a really useful tool in a weird way. I’ve come to the conclusion that individuals who choose to be helpfully around me while I’m at my “worst”,…will definitely be deserving of the fantastic qualities that I’ve always possessed,…when I’m at my “better”.

2 Responses to ““Spot-Light””

  1. Judy said

    Thank you for that post. That is something I
    have been a lot about. It seems peoria continue
    to judge without stopping to think that we
    all have things that make us incomplete. However, we know that we have a lot to offer if
    people just stuck with us.

  2. Hi Judy,….
    Yes,…you understand what I said.

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