“What Is Consciousness & Who’s In The Drivers’ Seat…?”


By Howard Lovely, Jr.

A few months ago I was asked the question: “What does being “conscious” mean to you Howard?”

After thinking silently for a while I came up with the following answer for myself.
When an individual is aware of his / her behavior and establishes congruency between thoughts, words & actions by making small internal adjustments consistently,…this is consciousness. Driving a car, flying an airplane or riding a bicycle are good metaphors for this [spiritual] / [Religious] process because keeping either one “lined-up”,…requires the operator to make small consistent adjustments based on changing road / environmental conditions,…that can throw the vehicle off course. keeping this in mind,…I think of my body as being the metaphorical vehicle.
Then I take the metaphor to a whole nother level and ask of myself:
Where is the “Me” / “Operator” in the equation of Consciousness??
Where is the first person pronoun “I“?…..
Who is the “I“?
What does the “I” look or feel like?
As if this isn’t enough of a “noodle” baking question,…I then turned around and asked myself: “How does any or all of my “Spiritual / Religious” concepts and beliefs encourage or hinder my recovery process?”
“Do I fully understand in the smallest of ways,…the seemingly complicated Laws that govern my profound existence in this physical body at this time?
It is said that Jesus said,…”As a Man thinks,…so shall he become”. This concept is expressed in many other sacred text and oral traditions,…though with different words.
If I were to interpret this Law literally,…it will infer that I somehow asked for PTSD or that another individual stricken with Cancer, MS or any type ailment,…somehow asked for it. I don’t believe that the spiritual Law works that literally. Yet I do have personal evidence in my life that the Law does work generally. It’s kind of like attempting to understand the concept of [air] as a life-giving force / gas without seeing it physically,…yet knowing it works generally to keep my body alive and without air,…I will certainly die. Electricity is another conceptual example that exists with profound impact within and externally of my body,…yet it’s existence and location is difficult to explain or pinpoint. It’s simply everywhere all the time and profoundly powerful,…just like the power of Spirituality / Religion of all brands. Each person can choose to Plug-in to the [resource] or not. I chose to reconnect.

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