“Rape, Trauma, The Legal System & Common Sense”


By Howard Lovely, Jr.
According to the news article Judge Deana “Dee” McDonald, Louisville, KY: Drop charges against Savannah Dietrich” By  Dylan Stableford, Yahoo! News Senior Media Reporter: “17-year-old sexual assault victim could face charges for tweeting names of attackers” 
The two young Male perpetrators of this rape,…were obviously unconcerned with the public knowing of their misdeeds due to the fact that the photos of the rape that they themselves captured,…were shared with “friends” according to the article that I read.

“Dietrich was assaulted by the pair after passing out at a party. They later shared photos of the assault with friends.”

Due to the actions of the two young Men publicly sharing their misdeed(rape) with friends via photos and most likely,…internet photos via cell-phones,…the two rapists,… publicly,…identified themselves prior to Miss Dietrich making the tweet that is at the heart of the “contempt-of-court” charge. For this reason the young lady should not be sentenced to jail time even though she did break a judge’s [grossly misguided] order to keep silent about the issue,…that is already irretrievably out in cyberspace. Though Miss Dietrich technically & legally committed,…contempt-of-court,…common sense must prevail in this case and the [court system] and its’ administrative agents,…must refrain from victimizing the “victim”. Is anyone(Judge, prosecutors, etc.,..) concerned with the short & long-term emotional well-being of this young Woman in terms of how she may choose to relate to Men and how she may choose to feel about herself as a Woman,…as she matures…??? Where is….and / or,…what is the role of Religion & Spirituality in this entire situation…??? Where is the extension of compassion from the legal system and Judge,…toward the “victim”?…

Read the full article here and if you choose,…sign the petition:  http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/lookout/savannah-dietrich-twitter-sexual-assault-louisville-174732753.html

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