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Three years ago – on a hot and muggy day in August – hundreds of friends, volunteers and mental health advocates, joined me and my daughter, my sister and her son, in New York’s Grand Central Station. We gathered to produce a PSA aimed at eliminating the stigma and discrimination surrounding mental illness. Everyone donated their time, talent & vision. From that PSA, Bring Change 2 Mind and our incredible community was born. Guiding the development of this organization has been a humbling, inspiring and ongoing journey. Like millions of others, my family battled mental illness in an atmosphere of silence, shame, ignorance and isolation.  It was time to stop that cycle and begin talking about something that affects 1 in 4 families. I salute my sister Jessie, and my nephew Calen, for their selflessness and bravery in speaking about their lived experience. They’ve become passionate and deeply compelling advocates in their own rite. Mental illness is a family affair. We’re all in this together. Over 57 million Americans – 26% of the country – live with a diagnosable mental illness in any given year. Yet two-thirds of those affected never seek treatment in large part due to the stigma of being labeled “mentally ill,” and the resulting discrimination in social relationships, housing, and employment. With proper treatment, recovery is possible and a full & productive life can be achieved. Our PSA has been seen by over 700 million people and our radio spots have been broadcast across the country. BC2M has established a world class scientific Advisory Council and we are in the process of building a Media Advisory Council of equal status. These Advisors will help us to create our message, measure actual change in attitudes and behavior about mental illness, and to build upon what works. Change will happen family by family and community by community.
To view the PSA Click Here.
We need your help to continue our outreach! Any donation, large or small,will ensure that our message stays visible, will help us to grow our community, and allow us to create new evidence-based campaigns to reduce stigma. Sincere thanks for taking the pledge and supporting our vibrant community. Together we will gain strength, change minds and affect countless lives.

Glenn Close

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