My Response To: “Boehner Faces Line in the Sand in Fiscal Cliff Talks”


Dear Mr. President & Speaker of the House Boehner,

I’m a Gulf-War veteran currently receiving compensation for a non-combat service connected disability.  Based on the quote from,…and the entire the article listed below,….I have decided for myself,…that I am personally willing to relinquish 8% – 10% of my Veterans Administration issued monetary compensation. It will help the country get back on it’s “feet”. I chose to have something smaller in quantity rather than nothing at all.

Although I have relatively “no” retirement($28.50 as of October 2012) savings in my 401K Fidelity account because I used it all for EMDR treatments seven years ago and I am currently unemployed, I have chosen this option out of Duty-Honor-Country.

Howard Lovely, Jr. ret. Sgt. USAF

Colorado, USA ________________________________________________________________________

Boehner Faces Line in the Sand in Fiscal Cliff Talks By DAVID KERLEY | ABC OTUS News – 12 hrs ago

“In exchange, the president suggests $600 billion in cuts to Medicare and other programs. House Republicans say that is not enough, but they have not publicly listed what they would cut.”

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