My Relationship With Me vs. Letting Go Of “Stuff”


Howard At Rocky-Mountain-National-Park 5 October 2012

Howard At Rocky-Mountain-National-Park 5 October 2012

By Howard Lovely, Jr.

Six weeks ago I did not have a clue as to how I would manage to find the funding to pay for treatments at the facility. Since first seeing the episode of Dr. Phil that featured the new treatment and initially being told NO,…to my surprise,…I was called by the director of the facility two weeks ago and told YES. Joanne Gadsky (director of patient / Doctor relations) informed me that because their university level trials have been successful and that Smart-Brain-And-Health has received a new Federal Drug Administration (FDA) approved machine,…Smart-Brain-And-Health now has TMS magnets strong enough to offer potential treatment for PTSD (complex anxiety disorder).

TMS = Trans-cranial Magnetic Stimulation

fMRI = Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Since being notified that I can go ahead and schedule treatments as soon as the new machine is up and running,…I have been asking for financial help from all corners. I have received several lines of credit for medical purposes, a few “Hell-Naw…!” from financial institutions, at least one known pledge of $5.00 from an individual in San Diego, refinanced my house and I am currently organizing personal items to be sold via craigslist. This weekend was a success in terms of selling enough items on craigslist to pay for one of two needed airline tickets.

This morning I got $150.00 for a Chipper / shredder. I paid the same amount for it three years ago.
I sold both a Mower & Tiller to the same person for $80.00 bucks yesterday.
The Mower was given to me broken last year and I fixed it without any cash out-lay.
The Tiller I paid $42.00 for,…about 6 years ago.

I reeled in enough cash ($230) to pay for one round-trip ticket to California for my initial fMRI…!   (round-trip airfare cost $215.00 as of today with Frontier & United)

Roto-Tiller & Lawn Mower For Sale 008 Roto-Tiller & Lawn Mower For Sale 015 Chipper  Shredder 003

Note:                                                                                                                          1.                                                                                                                                              One of my Cousins is attempting to sale several guns (collectable / antique) at a gun show in Knoxville Tennessee this weekend February 9th & 10th. His efforts and the willingness of my biological family to choose to release the fire arms,…that are to be sold,…will continue to be profoundly beneficial to the forward momentum of raising cash to pay for all the necessary elements (treatments, food, lodging, travel, etc.,..) needed to facilitate treatments in Santa Monica California. If needed,…and regardless of potential treatment success or failure,…I’m willing to empty my house of all it’s ancillary contents in pursuit of freedom from 41 years of mental imprisonment.

The second and main ticket will most likely cost more because I will need to purchase an open-ended return date.

I have another Roto-Tiller to repair that I bought for $25.00 two years ago and should have it running this week just by cleaning the carburetor and scraping the carbon off the head.          I expect to get $40 – $50.00 for it.

I also have another Mower to repair that I got for free,…I’ve got the engine running but I have to mount it back on the frame.
I expect to get $40 – $50.00 for it on craigslist.

4 Responses to “My Relationship With Me vs. Letting Go Of “Stuff””

  1. Wendy Beveridge said

    You never gave me your address to send my support to. : ) Please do.


  2. Wendy Beveridge said

    Howard, do you know about Give Forward fundraising site?  I raised over $8k on that site. It’s SUPER easy to use. They take about 7% of total raised if i recall right. here was my link…


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