My Treatments For PTSD Via TransCranial-Magnetic-Stimulation (TMS)


Howard At Rocky-Mountain-National-Park 5 October 2012

Howard At Rocky-Mountain-National-Park 5 October 2012

 Update as of 24 August 2014,…. I did not follow through with these treatments (TMS),… but have continued to advance favorably from previous EMDR treatments.  
I look forward to doing more EMDR treatments in the near future.

Hello everyone,….
I’m following through on my plans to try a new Federal Drug Administration (FDA) approved treatment for PTSD / Anxiety.
According to Joann Gadsky at,.
..recent University level trials were successful while utilizing this treatment method specifically for PTSD / Anxiety.
During the past three decades I have tried many different methods to attempt to gain relief from my uncontrollable symptoms and have achieved some success with the use of Eye-Movement-Desensitization & Reprocessing (EMDR) during the most recent seven years.
Utilization of this TransCranial-Magnetic-Stimulation (TMS) method,… which will target and directly stimulate the over-active / under-active area(s) of my brain,… to potentially achieve a decrease or increase of activity respectively.
As many of you may already know,…one of the hallmark symptoms of PTSD is the near constant and unrelenting automatic Fight-Flight response,… or what I call the roller-coaster-ride-feeling that most individuals are familiar with while riding a coaster at an amusement park,.. or the chilling affect of watching a horror movie are close approximations. Those intense physical stomach sensations, tense muscle contractions, goose-bumps and tingly skin that go hand-in-hand with an [intentional thrill],… are no fun at all when it’s uncontrollable as with PTSD (a complex Anxiety disorder) and coupled with a sense of impending gloom & doom. Imagine this happening uncontrollable,…literally hundreds of times per day. This is what I’ve been experiencing for 41 years since age eight and why I am willing to take an enormous financial risk while reaching for “freedom”,… from within.
I plan to Blog about my experience each day once I start treatments providing that I can secure access to a laptop with windows-7.
If anyone has an old functional lap-top to donate to me,…I’ll be pleased to receive it.
Here’s the up-date as of yesterday:  
My treatments are scheduled for 6 May – 13 June 2013.  
Total treatment cost is $13,600,….20% higher than the previous estimate.  
I paid a deposit of $5,562.00 yesterday via credit-card. 
Because I don’t have Health-Insurance,…by my calculations,…if I max out all my medical-loan credit lines plus utilize the $2,000.00 that Landy (Family) sent I should be able to cover everything. 
I still have to find appropriate housing for the entire 37 days at a cost of approximately $3,000.00  – $5,000.00 due to seasonal increases in the beach community area.
My dog’s (Gracie) kennel care  will cost aprox. $2,336.25 for 5 weeks.
Total logistical out-of-pocket costs will run about $18,000.00 – $21,000.00 utilizing only my Veteran Administration monthly compensation to pay it all back with monthly payments.
It’s gonna be financially as tight as a nets ass say the least.
If anyone from the Veterans Administration is reading this Blog,…please consider potentially investing in this type of treatment as an additional “tool’ in your available tool-kit of treatments or consider providing the specific monetary coverage for the treatments at a civilian facility such as SmartBrainAndHealth; moreover, if this treatment proves to be as successful in the general population,… as the recent FDA approved trials turned-out,…then this method of treatment could potential increase medically combat readiness turn-around-time for active duty personnel. 
Just an FYI….
If anyone is interested in donating money,…you can choose to call the facility directly and speak to Joann Gadsky (Director of Doctor patient relations) and mention my full name.
The money will be deposited into my name / patient account:
(Howard Lovely Jr).  
(Director of patient & Doctor relations)
2811 Wilshire Blvd. suite 660
Santa Monica, CA 90403

8 Responses to “My Treatments For PTSD Via TransCranial-Magnetic-Stimulation (TMS)”

  1. wendy said

    Hey everybody…Today I made a small donation to Howard’s treatment fund. I wish I could have given more, but I am on disability income myself. I just wanted to say I ran a fundraiser for my own medical treatment a few years ago and I know from personal experience that if many people give a little bit, it really does add up! Please consider doing this for Howard. He’s experimenting with a new treatment and has given many of us a lot through his blog, and if you know him personally. He deserves the best that life has to give him, and here’s to hoping this treatment makes his life even more wonderful. : ) Hugs Howard,
    Wendy 🙂

  2. Martin said

    Did were you able to have the treatments?

    • Hi Martin,…

      I have not had my treatments yet.
      I had to postpone until the end of this year.

      Are you planning to utilize the treatments or do you know someone else that is / has…?

      Howard Lovely, Jr.

      • Martin said

        I am researching TMS and Deep Brain Stimulation in very desperate search for relief. Because my PTSD and OCD are so bad I had to leave my wife and son last Sept. We would all love to be a family again, but…

        I was very happy and enjoyed life for the first 40 years of my life like a “normal” person. Then I had a traumatic event occur that sent me into nightmarish tail spin. It was not service related (retired Navy), but nonetheless no different in terms of living in fear everyday and night.

        Stanford is doing PTSD clinical trials. I’ve interviewed with them and am waiting to see if I get selected. Here is the link:

        I apologize for not replying sooner; somehow overlooked your email.


      • Hey Martin,…

        I apologize for the delayed response.
        I’m in transition and am trying to get settled in Florida.

        I’m sorry to hear that the PTSD has caused your family spit-up and I desire for you to get relief from all the symptoms soon,…via whatever method that will work for you.
        What type of treatment is the University exploring?
        I ‘m rooting for you to get selected Martin and keep me posted as to the outcome please,…I’m sure other individuals who follow my Blog will be interested in your experiences also.

        I obtained some gradual relief by utilizing EMDR but it has gotten me so far.

        I will check in to the Stanford University trials as you mentioned

      • Martin said

        Howard, I too apologize for not replying. I’ve really been trapped in my mind for weeks. Thought that I was going to get to reunite with my family several weeks ago, but things have changed and I won’t, My internal thought generating loop hasn’t stopped, and the feeling of impending doom has been getting greater and greater. Thank you for info on Stanford. It seems they want to include me in their trials, however, I have no funds to live in Palo Alto for six months. Living on E6 retirement pay, $1,400/month and have no vehicle. Cannot relocate. When I applied for the trials I was under the impression they would provide accommodations. Don’t know why I didn’t ask. They’ve called me about pre-admission, but I asked them if they could wait. They said yes. Wish I could function well enough to work.

      • Hey Martin,…

        Congratulations on your acceptance into the trials for PTSD treatment.

        Can they(Stanford / VA) offer assistance of any kind to provide housing for you during the trial such as dormitory on campus, a room in someone’s house,…ect?
        Do you have any friends that may know someone that lives in that area (San-Fran Bay area / Peninsula that could provide short-term housing for you)?

        Howard Lovely, Jr.

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