Iyanla’s six-week eCourse – “Forgiveness”


I have signed-up for this course as of today (11 Sept, 2014) and I invite each of you who visit my blog,… to join me on this adventure.
My personal goal is to learn to be more Forgiving of myself,… because I believe that is the core from which I can extend forgiveness outward.
See you on 26 October…!   🙂
Howard Lovely, Jr. 

RockSolidPotential-Life-Coaching, LLC                   RockSolidPotentialLifeCoaching@gmail.com

Iyanla’s six-week eCourse
Forgiveness…it is the key to a whole new life.

Embrace forgiveness and you can get unstuck, released, freed up and fired up. Replace anger and hurt with fulfillment and peace.

Iyanla’s six-week eCourse Forgiveness — How to Forgive Everyone for Everything — will redefine forgiveness as you know it. It will lead you to an important new path in your everyday life. You will uncover the feelings and thoughts that are holding you back. And, you will develop a new, more positive way of being in the world.

Each week Iyanla will be with you step-by-step to guide you through a new lesson in forgiveness—through custom videos, emails and interactive assignments.

The practice of forgiveness will bring you strength you never knew you had — and it just may give you the boost you need to make it to your next level of greatness.

Class Starts on October 26.

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