A Taste Of Life, Love And Relationships With-After PTSD… The Possibilities Are Endless I Tell You! Getting Better!


Howard Eating Lunch As Celebration After Appying For PassPort  5 Sept. 2014 photo 3

This photo was taken on 5 Sept. 2014 and represents a culmination of many progressive years of work (therapy of many types including EMDR) thus far.

EMDR [Eye-Movement-Desensitization & Reprocessing]

This photo is my personal visual proof positive that the invisible “lock” can be picked,…and the translucent “cage” of PTSD can be opened,…although slowly for me,…I walked out on this day. My first EMDR treatments started in 2005 and it has taken me and my nervous system 9 years to gradually reach this glorious moment.
For the first time in nearly 17 years,…I actually went to a restaurant alone,…and ate peacefully (without muscle tension, sweats or tingly skin); I had minimal rambling thoughts (monkey-mind) or simultaneous unwanted awareness / hyper-alertness of any of the other 15 or so conversations being conducted by other patrons plus staff. It was a [proud] moment for me to say the least,…a personal best,…and I am glad that I had the forethought to ask the waitress to snap a few photos of me as personal proof. This photo has allowed me to look back and see how calm I actually appeared on my outsides,…that matched my inside feelings,…and how others may have noticed me also. From Chicago Illinois, Miami Florida, Greeley Colorado and even Winnipeg Canada,…many individuals in my circle of friends were excitedly amazed to hear about what I had done for myself! Just this morning,…my sweet “x” was still singing the praises about it all,…nearly a week and a half later! Catherine has been an amazingly [supportive] Woman in my life for the past two years; I am eternally grateful for her support, empathy and [courage] to have even dared to amorously [embrace] a Man like me and allow me to do the same for her at a time when many other wonderful Women simply would not,…no matter how honest I ever was about my life condition and mental health challenges. At age 50,…many individuals have a big party but I did not,…instead,…I received a connection from within myself,…and externally for the first time in my life via this outstanding Woman,…simply mutual Love. Talk about being a late bloomer in multiple ways! For many years I couldn’t get a basic date if my life depended on it. Ha!…Ha!…Ha! Imagine that,…all this Handsome-Man-Hunk,…and no dates,…and not for lack of asking! But Catherine,…she saw something in me beyond the PTSD veil,…and gave it a fantastic go,…and we had so much fun in spite of my personal challenges…! Could of had even more fun times now that this is happening for me.

So,…for all you Fantastic Men & Women,…single or otherwise,…out in Blog-land reading this,…don’t give up on you,…or that Internal-External-Love-Connection…!!!

My work’s not done yet.

Howard Lovely, Jr.

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