On Love, Romantic-Love And PTSD


Recently a “24” month intensely emotional, Love filled relationship with a Beautiful Woman,…inside & out,…ended. Though,…when the external [arbitrary] “flames” of discontent erupted mid-way through,…and quickly spread within what had otherwise been a fantastic union for the first year,…I was advised to turn and run for safety,…as most “sane” individuals would do. However, I chose to consistently plant my positive attitude and optimistic perspective,…daily. I chose to walk through the flames of discontent,…rather than shelter my Heart,…eventhough,…I did not understand my choice at the time,…it felt right for me. Today I know why,…”yesterday”,…I intuitively walked through “flames” with my heart wide open. I learned that it is my disappointed Ego that got scorched,…rather than my heart & love. My Loving Heart has exited the inferno unscathed,…and as tender, clean & vulnerable as a baby’s bottom after a good [should-shit]. My heart remains fully passionately open,…and ready for tomorrow’s fantastic Woman & family! Personally,…I now know,…that Love is a never-ending process that ebbs & flows in terms of personal level of connection through the “Good” or “Bad” moments daily,…rather than a singular destination. It takes [courage] and a personal [sense of worthiness] to have the [willingness] to walk through the process alone for myself,…or with a willing significant other within a pair-bound. The fact is,…we are all born worthy in my opinion,…but it is up to the individual(s) to arrive at this inherent conclusion. Maybe this is one of many points of any of us being in this existence,…that is to say,…at the end of the day,…how do you feel,…about you…? Are you connected with Love from within yourself…? Connection to Love is an individual’s personal inside job,…and once I / you connect to it,…all I / you can do is feel it and “share” it energetically,…or not. It’s your choice as an individual connector of Love.

So,…for those Men & Women out there that are doing your best to connect with love,…whether you’re single, married or otherwise in a relationship,…please consider choosing to find a way to thrive with the “Good” or “Bad” times in your relationship with yourself and your significant other? Don’t give up on you! You’re worth it! Your family & relationship is worth it! The world is better with your loving contribution and thriving love-life,…however you personally choose to define your vigorous growth & development! Your connection with Love is your personal choice,…regardless of what someone else chooses. 

Howard Lovely, Jr.
RockSolidPotentialLifeCoaching@gmail.com; (970)353-11180

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