Swim Class Progress In 83 Days – Swimming For Freedom & Overcoming PTSD


In less than 90 days I’ve gone from “can’t swim”,…to swimming the full length (25 yards) of the pool…! My nervous system is holding steady and strong with the sounds of the water in my ears; additionally, my body is remaining relaxed most of the time. Swimming is a fantastic form of exercise too!

Learning to swim is my gift to myself this Holiday season…!


Here is my latest video taken at class this evening:



2 Responses to “Swim Class Progress In 83 Days – Swimming For Freedom & Overcoming PTSD”

  1. Yvonne said

    Yeah  Howard.  An amazing accomplishment.  You’ll be able to teach me how to swim by the time you’re finished with your lessons.  Smile  Yvonne Washington, CHC Lifestyle Health Coach/Chef http://www.Joyfulivingforlife.org http://www.yvonne-washington.integrativenutrition.com I nourish the universe and the universe nourishes me Quote for the day: Knowing that we are interconnected at the deepest level of our beingmakes it easier to accept othersnot as we wish them to be but as they are To be loved, be lovable–Ovid  

    • Hey Yvonne…!

      Yes,…I can teach you what I know now about how to swim…!
      You can go to swim class with me next time you’re in town visiting.

      Happy Holiday…! 🙂


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