Bring Change 2 Mind / Stigma


Dear Friend,

This fall marks an exciting milestone for Bring Change 2 Mind – we turn five years old!  As we reflect on how far the organization has come, we want to say how deeply grateful we are for your support and dedication to ending the stigma that surrounds mental health. Thank you!  We look forward to the work ahead of us and to our continued commitment to starting conversations across the world that create awareness, support, connection, education, and empathy.  We hope that you will join us in celebrating both these past five years and the many more to come!

To mark this birthday, we are using the theme of five to generate more dialogue about mental health, and we need your help to spread the word and work of BC2M!  We kicked this off by asking our Facebook community to share five words to describe what BC2M means to them, and the responses were inspiring, touching, uplifting, empowering, and humbling.  This experience has sparked us to create a list of other shareable actions.  Using the hashtag #BC2MCelebrates5, we hope that you will join us in amplifiying BC2M’s message and mission to start the conversation and end the stigma around mental health.  And, keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter pages for the Celebrate 5 actionable graphics.

Also, let’s boost our message to end stigma leading into Mental Illness Awareness Week, October 4th to the 10th, and work together in raising our collective voices to call attention to World Mental Health Day, October 10th.

  • Share Your Top Five Mental Health Conversation Starters
  • Share Your Top Five Mental Health Tips
  • Share Five Resources or Recommended Readings Listed on BC2M’s Website and Social Media Platforms
  • Share Your Top Five Ways to Support a Friend in Need
  • Share Your Mental Health Story with Five People
  • Ask Five People How They are Feeling and Really Listen
  • Share Your Top Five Mental Health Books 
  • Share Your Top Five Pick-Me-Up Songs 
  • Donate $5, $25, $50, $100, or $150 to BC2M
  • Donate $250 to Fund a UBC2M Event
  • Donate $500 to Fund a LETS BC2M Club Grant
  • Donate $5,000 to Fund Outdoor Advertising in a Select City for Our Next PSA
  • Organize a 5K Walk to Spread Mental Health Awareness
  • Host Five Friends for a Mental Health Movie Night
  • Ask Five Friends to Like BC2M on Facebook, TwitterInstagram, Vine, and YouTube

And, by no means is this list exhaustive!  We want to hear your ideas about how to celebrate BC2M’s birthday!

In five years, our community has created change and saved lives.  We have reached billions of people with our message.  And, we will continue until no one remains silenced by the stigma and shame still surrounding mental health.  Together, we have the power to end the misconceptions about mental health and to encourage more people to open up about their own experiences.  Because, with the correct treatment plan and support, we know that everyone living with a mental health diagnosis is able to lead a full and successful life. Thank you for being on this journey with us! 

Pamela Harrington 
Executive Director 

We moved! 
Please note BC2M’s new office address below.
Bring Change 2 Mind 
155 Sansome Street, Suite Number 530 
San Francisco, CA 94104 

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