A Repost & UpDate 17 November 2016: Help Wendy Beveridge sleep and heal from Lyme disease


Fall Leaves

Dear friends,

The treatments are helping me and I thank you so much  to all of you who have donated to my fundraiser to help me reach my treatment goal. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I so much want to be able to volunteer with kids and their families again, drive again, and feel the relief of restful sleep. I am still struggling quite badly and am  hopeful that the treatments will keep helping me heal. Every donation has helped. Even the $5.00 ones absolutely!

Can I ask you to to help me reach my goal by sharing my fundraiser page on the You Caring website (click below) either on your social media like Facebook, or in email — perhaps to a few friends who would benefit by knowing about this (if you haven’t already).

All of us know someone taking a sleep or anxiety medication and it’s *very likely* that their medication is the same class of medications (benzodidazpines) that harmed my nervous system so badly, devastating  my sleep and my life for years. Benzodiazepines are  very commonly prescribed and is estimated to harm as many as 25% of those who are prescribed it. Class action legal efforts are under way to stop this drug from being prescribed improperly, and part of my desire in my fundraiser is to reach others taking these medications to spare them the same harm, while we fight the legal battle. There is lots of information on my page.

Thank you so very much and Happy Thanksgiving!!

In gratitude,


Fall Leaves
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23 September 2016

Hello all,…

Will you please consider helping Wendy…?

I have been acquainted with her and her challenges since 2010.

If you have any questions,…please consider contacting her for a better understanding of the dynamics of her challenges and any resources that she may have available to share.

Special Note:  For your convenience below,…clicking on Wendy’s “view gallery” words or the link-bar above her photo will redirect you to the main YouCaring web-site.


Click Here:    https://www.youcaring.coum/fundraiser-widget.aspx?frid=638057

Thank you for your consideration,





Help Wendy Beveridge sleep and heal from Lyme disease

For: Wendy Beveridge

San Diego, CA

Organizer: Wendy Beveridge

3 Responses to “A Repost & UpDate 17 November 2016: Help Wendy Beveridge sleep and heal from Lyme disease”

  1. Howard, thank you so very much for sharing my YouCaring request. If it’s not clear to people, it looks like if you click on the photo, or on the “view gallery” words under the photo, it will take you to the YouCaring website. Howard, it’s so great to hear of your own improvements and how you are so engaged in life. Thank you for supporting me in my journey to find increased health and more expanded ways to contribute in the world.

    • Hey Wendy,…

      I will edite and specifically mention what you just said.
      I tried it before I published the post,…. and yes,…as you mentioned,….by clicking on the photo, the photo gallery words or the link-bar above your photo,..it will redirect to the main YouCaring web-site.

      I’m glade that you have chosen to allow me to help you Wendy.
      It means a lot to me Wendy.


      • Thanks Howard. Wow, I didn’t know it affected you that way to be of assistance. That’s awesome. There’s a few things I am learning about asking for our needs….

        One thing I’ve learned, which I mentioned to you, is that you cannot receive if you do not ask.

        Another thing I’m realizing is that asking for help feels good when we also serve others in the process. I wanted my fundraiser to also bring awareness to others who may be suffering from their benzodiazepine medication and not knowing why.

        When you say that it means a lot to you be able to help, maybe another thing I’m learning is that when we ask for help and allow others to help us, we actually may be in service of those others, simply by providing the opportunity for them.

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