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10 Mar. 2017

Update 14
Posted by Veterans Stand
8 hours ago



Thank you to all of our supporters and donors. We greatly appreciate your ongoing commitment to our mission at Standing Rock. The last month has been filled with dramatic events, important partnerships and significant advancement in our long term role into the situation.

On Feb. 22, 2017 the Governor of North Dakota deployed all accessible law enforcement agencies, including private security firms and the National Guard, in a show of excessive force which began a 2 day aggressive eviction of Oceti Sakowin and subsequently the following week was devoted to the same aggressive evictions at the supporting Rosebud, Sacred Stone, and 7th Generation Water Protector campsites. The Cheyenne River Sioux tribe, with the support of Veterans Stand, maintain the only active camp in the Ft. Yates – Cannonball area. This camp sits on private land and fully complies with all state and tribal property laws and zoning regulations. The foundation has been built and the camp capacity grows exponentially on a daily basis.

The Dakota Winds and pending snowstorms are still a challenge with more Water Protectors arriving every day, and the pending continuation of Keystone XL, there’s a lot more work to be done.

In addition to this camp, The Cheyenne River Sioux tribe has opened an offsite service center for Water Protectors in transition, with running water, electricity, and RV hookups, in Eagle Butte, South Dakota. Free medical and mental health support, as well as resources to assist Water Protectors along in their journey is available at both locations,

All sites will be operated under guidelines set by the Cheyenne River Sioux tribe; Chairman Harold Frazer and his team have been working closely with #VetStand OPS to develop a long term strategy for support of this camp, the Eagle Butte center (which will serve as the primary command post for Veterans Stands’ ongoing #NoDAPL efforts), and future #NoKeystoneXL sites and operations. The sign-up roster for 1-2 week rotations in support of these missions can be found at and we encourage you all to sign up and share.

As our mission and involvement has expanded, and continues to expand, we’re taking this opportunity to change up our funding model for this ongoing campaign, which gives donors more flexibility in how they can support and participate. Please join us at as we continue our stand in support of our brothers and sisters against all enemies to the US people, constitution, and human rights, both foreign and domestic.

Again we thank you for your ongoing commitment to #StandingRock and the Veteran Volunteers of #VeteransStand

Website/Mission Info & Roster:
Twitter: @VeteransStand4
Instagram: VeteransStand4
Snapchat: VeteransStand


#VetStand #UnitedWeStand #NoDAPL #WaterIsLife

Eagle Butte Center Video:Brian Churchill
Dakota Winds Video: Lachlan Ross

Cheyenne River Camp Photo: Ross McKee

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Update 13
Posted by Veterans Stand
22 days ago


So sure Rubber Bullets aren’t lethal?

Making Progress!

Sacred Rock – #NeverForgetTheBeauty

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Update 12
Posted by Veterans Stand
24 days ago


Each and every one of you is amazing – THANK YOU!

Halfway to our goal thanks to the generous support of 4.9K donors like yourselves. We are honored and humbled by your commitment to the Stand against the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Many of you have been anxious for news of our #VetStand #AdvanceTeam in Standing Rock. Join us tonight for a Facebook Live event hosted by our friends at EcoWatch. We’ll have Chris Duesing our head of Field Operations and some of his team online to answer your questions and provide an update on our mission.

Please join us TODAY, Monday, February 13 at 7 PM – 8 PM EST

Thank You from Veterans Stand

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Update 11
Posted by Veterans Stand
25 days ago


Update from the #VetStand #AdvanceTeam in #StandingRock

Thank you for your continued support of our stand for Standing Rock. Our campaign has just passed $230K and we are humbled by your kind support. We have already begun putting the funds to good use! Our advance team has been onsite for just over a week, building the right network for ongoing, sustained support of the camp community and addressing the more immediate needs for help.

There are a diversity of needs within the camp infrastructure such as food, supplies, gear and transportation but the biggest overall is manpower, manpower to finalize the cleaning of the camps in the flood zone and moving to the higher ground before the thaw. We are working with several leaders to understand resources available and how to best house the camp community in their new locations, including all hygiene and sanitation needs.

Our team has built a strong network of partners onsite to help us deliver the goods where they are needed most. We are also identifying local vendors to ensure the bulk of the funds stay within the Standing Rock community and local economy. We will continue to work with these partners and investigate others who can assist in building a more consistent and effective supply chain of goods flowing into the camps. When it comes to manpower we are coordinating across our #VetStand network for the generalist and specialist skills that are in most need.

We appreciate there is a great deal of concern and uncertainty given the recent ACoE decision and aggressive movements to begin drilling by DAPL, but we do not believe this stand is close to over. Help us keep this story alive, help us bring this stand to the offices of people investing in DAPL and legislators who are turning a blind eye to civil rights and rule of law being steam rolled. Its time for everyone to take a stand. Share, call, write – make sure your voice is heard and if you’d like to join us in Standing Rock be sure to fill in our sign up roster at

Thank you,
The Veterans Stand Team

#VetStand #NoDAPL #WaterIsLife #UnitedWeStand

Lot’s of prep work to do!

We spotted 15 of these at the Casino

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