Update from the #VetStand #AdvanceTeam in #StandingRock

Thank you for your continued support of our stand for Standing Rock. Our campaign has just passed $230K and we are humbled by your kind support. We have already begun putting the funds to good use! Our advance team has been onsite for just over a week, building the right network for ongoing, sustained support of the camp community and addressing the more immediate needs for help.

There are a diversity of needs within the camp infrastructure such as food, supplies, gear and transportation but the biggest overall is manpower, manpower to finalize the cleaning of the camps in the flood zone and moving to the higher ground before the thaw. We are working with several leaders to understand resources available and how to best house the camp community in their new locations, including all hygiene and sanitation needs.

Our team has built a strong network of partners onsite to help us deliver the goods where they are needed most. We are also identifying local vendors to ensure the bulk of the funds stay within the Standing Rock community and local economy. We will continue to work with these partners and investigate others who can assist in building a more consistent and effective supply chain of goods flowing into the camps. When it comes to manpower we are coordinating across our #VetStand network for the generalist and specialist skills that are in most need.

We appreciate there is a great deal of concern and uncertainty given the recent ACoE decision and aggressive movements to begin drilling by DAPL, but we do not believe this stand is close to over. Help us keep this story alive, help us bring this stand to the offices of people investing in DAPL and legislators who are turning a blind eye to civil rights and rule of law being steam rolled. Its time for everyone to take a stand. Share, call, write – make sure your voice is heard and if you’d like to join us in Standing Rock be sure to fill in our sign up roster at www.veterans-stand.org

Thank you,
The Veterans Stand Team



Website/Roster: www.veterans-stand.org
Facebook: www.facebook.com/veteransstand4
Twitter: @VeteransStand4
Instagram: VeteransStand4
Snapchat: VeteransStand

PR/Press/Media: media@veterans-stand.org




Dear Friend,

My name is George Hutchins, I am in my sophomore year at Indiana University, pursuing a degree in Biochemistry with a focus on pre-medical studies. I also serve as one of the Co-Directors for U Bring Change 2 Mind (UBC2M), the collegiate level branch of Bring Change 2 Mind that was started at IU, and is targeted toward reducing mental health stigma specifically on college campuses. My experience with mental illness dates back to watching my mother struggle with clinical depression for several years, but my interest for getting involved and making a significant difference for those struggling as my mother did, was not fully ignited until I took Dr. Bernice Pescosolido’s Medical Sociology class. Learning about stigma, and how a person’s perceptions and attitudes toward someone with a mental illness is the biggest barrier towards them receiving proper treatment, deeply concerned me and lead me to seriously question how I could help make a change. I believe that my years of daily experience of what it is like to live with someone suffering from a mental illness and my passion for helping others obtain proper care have put me in a unique position to show compassion and make a lasting impact for those suffering from and indirectly effected by this issue.

Going forward, our vision for UBC2M is to fully engage the entire student population at IU, tapping into the talents of our brightest minds and using those talents to make this the generation that ends stigma for good. To do this, we plan on enhancing the membership experience to make the club more worthwhile for the students that dedicate their time and efforts to making stigma elimination a reality. The goal of improving mental health treatment is one shared by so many, it’s only a matter of providing these individuals the proper resources to be effective champions of change. Additionally, we plan to reach out and connect with other student organizations, to create a cohesive network with the common goal of making IU the first stigma free campus.

None of our efforts, nor the successes we have already had would be possible without the amazing support of Ms. Glenn Close, Ms. Pamela Harrington,  Bring Change 2 Mind, or our university officials at IU like Dr. Pescosolido. Equally as important are the donations and the roles as advocates that many of you play. Your positions in society allow you to have a much farther reach, in some cases, than myself and my fellow students. With that being said, reducing and eliminating stigma will not be an easy task by any means. But I am confident that the resources and desire to make a difference that we all share can lead to us achieving our common goal and making America an environment where those suffering from mental illness can receive the proper care, without fear of stigma, and go on to lead fulfilling and limitless lives. It starts by making a change person by person. That is exactly what we have been doing with UBC2M, and that is exactly what we will continue to do. Thank you all so much.

In 2014, BC2M developed UBringChange2Mind (UBC2M), a four-year student-led intervention and assessment research pilot program at Indiana University whose goal is to develop, test, and evaluate the efficacy of anti-stigma program materials. UBC2M is the first effort of its kind to develop a systematic program aimed at reducing the stigma of mental illness on a campus setting. Once the pilot phase is completed, it will be packaged and distributed for use by BC2M, free of charge, to colleges and universities. Dr. Bernice Pescosolido, the Director of Indiana University’s Indiana Consortium for Mental Health Services Research, is overseeing the research component of the program. 

Please consider making a donation today to support the UBC2M Program, and BC2M’s mission to end the stigma and discrimination surrounding mental illness.

1 Dec. 2016

Hello Everyone,…

I just donated to this imminent challenge and trust that many of you will choose to support in some capacity.

Below you will find my statement that I posted when I donated to help provide logistical aid a few minutes ago:

“Duty Honor Country”
(A portion Of The Oath That We All Take Upon Entry Into Military Service)

Native Americans have served the United States of America with Dignity, Honor and most notably as “Code Talkers” During WWII.
The Native American soldiers used their language as an [inextricable tool] that successfully aided military operations within combat theatre and otherwise.

Native Americans continue to serve the United States of America with Dignity & Honor within the military, their / our communities and as employers of various capacities.

Duty Honor Veteran-

It is incumbent upon the United States Government, Department of Veterans Affairs and each Citizen (especially Descendants of original pilgrims) of this Great Country,… to Respect with [full] [benefits] [due] Native American Tribal Lands and Communities.
Furthermore,…refrain from imminent additional harm(Physical or Mental),…obvious or latent,…. that have already been [historically] inflicted in numerous manners,… with incalculable and sustained detriment to Individuals, Tribes & Lands.

Howard Lovely, Jr.

(USAF Retired); (Gulf War Veteran / Non-combat)



Veterans ask for Forgiveness at Standing Rock:



This message was posted by Wesley Clark on gofundme campaign home page 3 days ago.

UPDATE as of 9 December 2016:

We are still hard at work getting all of the vets out of ND before the next blizzard hits.

I’m extremely proud to say that we ended up bringing upwards of 4,000 veterans to Standing Rock to fight the pipeline. That’s double what we accounted for, but thanks to the tireless work and creativity of our volunteers, we were able to accommodate them and ensure that the everybody was fed, sheltered and kept safe in the storm.

Rest assured, your donations have been put to good use. We’ve bought countless supplies, winter gear, hotel rooms, trains, planes, automobile rentals and much more to help the vets make the journey and stay safe. I say countless because we are still actively buying these things as we speak.

A lot of people are asking what we’ll do with the remainder after the vets’ expenses are paid out. At this point, we’re not sure that we’ll have any left over. Here’s the math we’re dealing with right now.

–5% GoFundMe fees
–3% WePay fees
/ 4.5k veterans =
$245 person

If we find ourselves in the unlikely situation of having extra funds once that’s all handled, we’ll decide what to do with it and let you all know immediately.

Once we are sure everyone is home safe and covered, we move on to the next phase, which includes pulling out all the receipts and running the numbers. At that point, we will be able to break down exactly how the donation money was spent and where.

In the meantime, please be patient. We read all of your emails and messages, but we have to prioritize our vets and getting them home.

Thank you, every single one of you, for being a part of this movement. This has been a life-changing experience for everybody involved and we plan to keep fighting for you as long as we have to


UPDATES as of 3 December 2016:


We are asking that all donations for Veterans Stand for Standing Rock now go via SquareCash on our handle $VeteranStand. SquareCash allows for instant access to funds and isn’t charging us the fees or the banking delays of GoFundMe. The movement is THIS WEEKEND, and we need cash on hand to accomplish the mission. Please help us Stand In Solidarity with the Standing Rock tribes, Thank You For All Your Support!




LINK: gofundme campaign

Our veterans are mobilizing en masse to protest the Dakota Pipeline.



Hello everyone,…

I donated today.

Please consider making a donation.

This issue of mental health is important to everyone,… at any age,…

in any part of the world,… and regardless of ethnicity.

Mental health includes,… and is not limited to:

Happiness, Joy, Gratefulness, Depression, Bi-Polar,

Anxiety (PTSD, PTSD-Complex, General Social Anxiety),…etc.,.

Howard Lovely, Jr.


BC2M Revlon LOVE IS ON Challenge
BC2M Logo - Horizontal Tag Line

Dear Friend,

Today is World Mental Health Day – an incredibly important day

that has been recognized throughout the world since 1992.

For twenty-four years the World Health Organization has been

raising awareness about this global issue. In honor of this day and

to support the work that still needs to be done to eliminate stigma,

we have a special request for our BC2M Community.

Please consider making a special gift of $24 to our

Revlon LOVE IS ON Challenge.

With two weeks left to go in the Challenge, Bring Change 2 Mind

is currently in 6th place!

Help us move ahead, end stigma and qualify for the $1M prize.

We know that not everyone is in a position to make a financial

contribution, but if you are, please help today by making an

on-line donation here.

Together we can meet the Challenge! Together we can Save Lives.

Pamela Harrington
Executive Director





Dear Friend,

This fall marks an exciting milestone for Bring Change 2 Mind – we turn five years old!  As we reflect on how far the organization has come, we want to say how deeply grateful we are for your support and dedication to ending the stigma that surrounds mental health. Thank you!  We look forward to the work ahead of us and to our continued commitment to starting conversations across the world that create awareness, support, connection, education, and empathy.  We hope that you will join us in celebrating both these past five years and the many more to come!

To mark this birthday, we are using the theme of five to generate more dialogue about mental health, and we need your help to spread the word and work of BC2M!  We kicked this off by asking our Facebook community to share five words to describe what BC2M means to them, and the responses were inspiring, touching, uplifting, empowering, and humbling.  This experience has sparked us to create a list of other shareable actions.  Using the hashtag #BC2MCelebrates5, we hope that you will join us in amplifiying BC2M’s message and mission to start the conversation and end the stigma around mental health.  And, keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter pages for the Celebrate 5 actionable graphics.

Also, let’s boost our message to end stigma leading into Mental Illness Awareness Week, October 4th to the 10th, and work together in raising our collective voices to call attention to World Mental Health Day, October 10th.

  • Share Your Top Five Mental Health Conversation Starters
  • Share Your Top Five Mental Health Tips
  • Share Five Resources or Recommended Readings Listed on BC2M’s Website and Social Media Platforms
  • Share Your Top Five Ways to Support a Friend in Need
  • Share Your Mental Health Story with Five People
  • Ask Five People How They are Feeling and Really Listen
  • Share Your Top Five Mental Health Books 
  • Share Your Top Five Pick-Me-Up Songs 
  • Donate $5, $25, $50, $100, or $150 to BC2M
  • Donate $250 to Fund a UBC2M Event
  • Donate $500 to Fund a LETS BC2M Club Grant
  • Donate $5,000 to Fund Outdoor Advertising in a Select City for Our Next PSA
  • Organize a 5K Walk to Spread Mental Health Awareness
  • Host Five Friends for a Mental Health Movie Night
  • Ask Five Friends to Like BC2M on Facebook, TwitterInstagram, Vine, and YouTube

And, by no means is this list exhaustive!  We want to hear your ideas about how to celebrate BC2M’s birthday!

In five years, our community has created change and saved lives.  We have reached billions of people with our message.  And, we will continue until no one remains silenced by the stigma and shame still surrounding mental health.  Together, we have the power to end the misconceptions about mental health and to encourage more people to open up about their own experiences.  Because, with the correct treatment plan and support, we know that everyone living with a mental health diagnosis is able to lead a full and successful life. Thank you for being on this journey with us! 

Pamela Harrington 
Executive Director 

We moved! 
Please note BC2M’s new office address below.
Bring Change 2 Mind 
155 Sansome Street, Suite Number 530 
San Francisco, CA 94104 
BC2M Logo - Horizontal Tag Line
Dear Howard,

We are incredibly excited to share our new PSA, #StrongerThanStigma, with you! Produced in partnership with Brandon Marshall’s foundation, Project 375, this campaign features four men who have each made mental health advocacy a part of his platform. These headliners are Brandon Marshall, NFL All-Pro wide receiver for the Chicago Bears; Michael Angelakos, lead singer of indietronica band Passion Pit; Wayne Brady, comedian and actor; and Ben Scrivens, NHL goalie for the Edmonton Oilers. Each shares his story, and encourages men to start the conversation and end the stigma.

For the past thirty years, the rate of suicide among men has been three to four times that of women. Traditionally, however, men have shied away from talking about their feelings because it is viewed as weak. In addition to a reluctance to seek help, men have higher levels of isolation, higher rates of drug and alcohol misuse, are at a greater risk for homelessness, display more externalized and destructive behaviors, and are more involved with the criminal justice system. Underlying many of these experiences are complex psychological problems, but we rarely empathize with their causes.

We want to erase stereotypes, create a new narrative by raising awareness of the mental health problems that men face, encourage dialogue, and promote help seeking behavior.

We hope that you will be a part of this significant opportunity to talk about the harmful and pervasive discrimination that surrounds mental illness. Please join our conversations on Facebook and Twitter, and visit our website to view and share #StrongerThanStigma, find resources, and help us end stigma.


Pamela Harrington 
Executive Director 

Recently a “24” month intensely emotional, Love filled relationship with a Beautiful Woman,…inside & out,…ended. Though,…when the external [arbitrary] “flames” of discontent erupted mid-way through,…and quickly spread within what had otherwise been a fantastic union for the first year,…I was advised to turn and run for safety,…as most “sane” individuals would do. However, I chose to consistently plant my positive attitude and optimistic perspective,…daily. I chose to walk through the flames of discontent,…rather than shelter my Heart,…eventhough,…I did not understand my choice at the time,…it felt right for me. Today I know why,…”yesterday”,…I intuitively walked through “flames” with my heart wide open. I learned that it is my disappointed Ego that got scorched,…rather than my heart & love. My Loving Heart has exited the inferno unscathed,…and as tender, clean & vulnerable as a baby’s bottom after a good [should-shit]. My heart remains fully passionately open,…and ready for tomorrow’s fantastic Woman & family! Personally,…I now know,…that Love is a never-ending process that ebbs & flows in terms of personal level of connection through the “Good” or “Bad” moments daily,…rather than a singular destination. It takes [courage] and a personal [sense of worthiness] to have the [willingness] to walk through the process alone for myself,…or with a willing significant other within a pair-bound. The fact is,…we are all born worthy in my opinion,…but it is up to the individual(s) to arrive at this inherent conclusion. Maybe this is one of many points of any of us being in this existence,…that is to say,…at the end of the day,…how do you feel,…about you…? Are you connected with Love from within yourself…? Connection to Love is an individual’s personal inside job,…and once I / you connect to it,…all I / you can do is feel it and “share” it energetically,…or not. It’s your choice as an individual connector of Love.

So,…for those Men & Women out there that are doing your best to connect with love,…whether you’re single, married or otherwise in a relationship,…please consider choosing to find a way to thrive with the “Good” or “Bad” times in your relationship with yourself and your significant other? Don’t give up on you! You’re worth it! Your family & relationship is worth it! The world is better with your loving contribution and thriving love-life,…however you personally choose to define your vigorous growth & development! Your connection with Love is your personal choice,…regardless of what someone else chooses. 

Howard Lovely, Jr.
RockSolidPotentialLifeCoaching@gmail.com; (970)353-11180

Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies

“We have a chance to improve the lives of not just millions, but billions of people on this planet through the research that’s done in this BRAIN Initiative alone. But it’s going to require a serious effort, a sustained effort. And it’s going to require us as a country to embody and embrace that spirit of discovery that is what made America, America.”

President Obama on April 2, 2013



The Initiative Kicks Off

In April 2013, the President announced the launch of the BRAIN (Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies) Initiative – a bold, new initiative focused on revolutionizing our understanding of the human brain.

The BRAIN Initiative is one of the Administration’s “Grand Challenges” – ambitious but achievable goals that require advances in science and technology. Since the President announced the BRAIN Initiative, dozens of leading technology firms, academic institutions, scientists, and other key contributors to the field of neuroscience have answered his call and made significant commitments to advancing the initiative. Top neuroscientists also have developed a 12-year research strategy for the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to achieve the goals of the initiative.

“The human brain is the most complicated biological structure in the known universe. We’ve only just scratched the surface in understanding how it works – or, unfortunately, doesn’t quite work when disorders and disease occur… This is just the beginning of a 12-year journey and we’re excited to be starting the ride.”

Watch as President Obama speaks on the BRAIN Initiative and American innovation during the April 2, 2013 unveiling of the BRAIN Initiative.


On The Clock: The BRAIN Initiative
April 2, 2013
Dr. Francis Collins, the Director of the National Institutes of Health, highlights the BRAIN Initiative.


The Significance

The BRAIN Initiative has the potential to do for neuroscience what the Human Genome Project did for genomics by supporting the development and application of innovative technologies that can create a dynamic understanding of brain function. It aims to help researchers uncover the mysteries of brain disorders, such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases, depression, and traumatic brain injury (TBI).

The initiative will accelerate the development and application of new technologies that will enable researchers to produce dynamic pictures of the brain that show how individual brain cells and complex neural circuits interact at the speed of thought. These technologies will open new doors to explore how the brain records, processes, uses, stores, and retrieves vast quantities of information, and shed light on the complex links between brain function and behavior.


How Far We’ve Already Come

In the last decade, scientists have made a number of landmark discoveries that now create the opportunity to unlock the mysteries of the brain — including the sequencing of the human genome, the development of new tools for mapping neuronal connections, the increasing resolution of imaging technologies, the maturation of nanoscience, and the rise of biological engineering.

These breakthroughs have paved the way for unprecedented collaboration and discovery across scientific fields. For instance, by combining advanced genetic and optical techniques, scientists can now use pulses of light to determine how specific cell activities in the brain affect behavior. Similarly, through the integration of neuroscience and physics, researchers can now use high-resolution imaging technologies to observe how the brain is structurally and functionally connected in living humans.

While these technological innovations have contributed substantially to our expanding knowledge of the brain, significant breakthroughs in how we treat neurological and psychiatric disease will require a new generation of tools to enable researchers to record signals from brain cells in much greater numbers and at even faster speeds. That’s where the BRAIN Initiative comes in.

Link #1:                                                                                                                          http://getmyinspiration4life.com/blog/dont-give-up-on-you/

Link #2:                                                                                                                          http://getmyinspiration4life.com/blog/love-is-a-gift/

Please consider choosing to take the time and watch this short (8 minute) movie.
It is very profound and helpful.
As you watch,…consider the [fact] that you are good enough,… right where and as you are currently. You always have been.

Personally,…I’ve had to learn what is spoken about in this short movie and I am amazed at how differently my life continues to unfold favorably,…in most areas,…in the mist of seemingly [daunting] situation(s),…both [past] and [present].
When I look back on my life and take an accounting of my numerous achievements,…I’m pleased at myself for this reason alone. Internally,…it is a deeply satisfying feeling and knowing,…that I did not give up on me as I once did decades ago with a suicide attempt that became my rock-bottom.
My failure to kill myself out of despair,…over two decades ago,…is my bench-mark and most proud moment of “failure”. At that time in the mist of despair,…I made an optimistic attitude shift and subsequently another choice in favor of me, my worthiness and desires / goals. I repeat that basic choice everyday since,…throughout my days,…often times automatically and at others times with focused thought and questioning.
I’ve done nothing but gradually improved my life ever since,…just as this movie talks about.
I’ve retrained myself not to give-up under any circumstances,…to challenge my [assumptions], [thoughts] and [beliefs],…even when I feel “foolish” to believe in possibilities that have not materialized,…or, ideas such as deeply heartfelt LOVE,…that is intangible and immeasurable,…yet felt,…and very real.
I am often times astounded,…when to my surprise,…I walk “foolishly” through “fire” and come out mentally forged sharper than the finest steel sword known to man.
You can too,…step by step,…starting with one simple choice.
Choose again,…and again,…and again,…as needed,…everyday,…throughout your day,…and eventually it will become a habit. Additionally,…to have a special someone, Handsome-Man-Hunk, Wife, Husband, Lover, Partner, etc.,…standing with you,…in support of and in-love with you,…just-as-you-are perfect,…in the moment,…while you or either of you go through this process of growth,…is a [rare bonus gift] because usually the journey,…is an alone journey,…but,…it does not have to be if given a wonderful opportunity with a Sweet Woman.

Happy choosing! 😉

With Love,
Howard Lovely, Jr.

Link #1:                                                                                                                          http://getmyinspiration4life.com/blog/dont-give-up-on-you/

Link #2:                                                                                                                          http://getmyinspiration4life.com/blog/love-is-a-gift/