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Mental health includes,… and is not limited to:

Happiness, Joy, Gratefulness, Depression, Bi-Polar,

Anxiety (PTSD, PTSD-Complex, General Social Anxiety),…etc.,.

Howard Lovely, Jr.


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Dear Friend,

Today is World Mental Health Day – an incredibly important day

that has been recognized throughout the world since 1992.

For twenty-four years the World Health Organization has been

raising awareness about this global issue. In honor of this day and

to support the work that still needs to be done to eliminate stigma,

we have a special request for our BC2M Community.

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Dear Howard,

We are incredibly excited to share our new PSA, #StrongerThanStigma, with you! Produced in partnership with Brandon Marshall’s foundation, Project 375, this campaign features four men who have each made mental health advocacy a part of his platform. These headliners are Brandon Marshall, NFL All-Pro wide receiver for the Chicago Bears; Michael Angelakos, lead singer of indietronica band Passion Pit; Wayne Brady, comedian and actor; and Ben Scrivens, NHL goalie for the Edmonton Oilers. Each shares his story, and encourages men to start the conversation and end the stigma.

For the past thirty years, the rate of suicide among men has been three to four times that of women. Traditionally, however, men have shied away from talking about their feelings because it is viewed as weak. In addition to a reluctance to seek help, men have higher levels of isolation, higher rates of drug and alcohol misuse, are at a greater risk for homelessness, display more externalized and destructive behaviors, and are more involved with the criminal justice system. Underlying many of these experiences are complex psychological problems, but we rarely empathize with their causes.

We want to erase stereotypes, create a new narrative by raising awareness of the mental health problems that men face, encourage dialogue, and promote help seeking behavior.

We hope that you will be a part of this significant opportunity to talk about the harmful and pervasive discrimination that surrounds mental illness. Please join our conversations on Facebook and Twitter, and visit our website to view and share #StrongerThanStigma, find resources, and help us end stigma.


Pamela Harrington 
Executive Director 

Working Together for Common Ministry

Working Together

By Carole Wills, Chair, NAMI FaithNet Advisory Group

None of us has enough wisdom, resources and endurance to meet the complex needs in our world alone. In order to succeed we must join together. Only as a whole will we remain strong.

People in need all over the nation are becoming educated about mental illness due to the efforts of many NAMI leaders in-concert with NAMI Affiliates in communities across the country. They are learning about the role of our diverse faith communities in providing comfort and understanding to those affected by mental illness, and about the availability of NAMI Affiliates and the many programs and resources we offer so that people can get the help they need on their recovery journeys, including families. NAMI FaithNet serves to promote outreach to faith communities while encouraging caring congregations as well as encouraging the role of faith as a component of recovery with those for whom this is important.

NAMI has always sought strong allies with which to partner. And we have always been committed to education as key to our mission. A recent study shows that many seminaries fail to adequately train clergy members to help congregants with mental illness. This year, because most religious leaders desire more education, NAMI, through the efforts of national NAMI FaithNet leadership, is joining hands with the American Association of Pastoral Counselors and Pathways to Promise to train seminarians and clergy about mental health issues relevant to their own personal well-being and that of those they serve. The long-range plan is to tap into the resources of other local and national mental health-related organizations and offer six full-day trainings, one each semester for the three years of seminary.

On Oct. 14, 2014, these partner organizations are launching the first pilot Seminary Training Project with a full day conference in Indianapolis at Christian Theological Seminary. Central to this pilot is the educational session, Mental Health Basics for Life & Ministry: What Every Pastor Needs to Know.

The goal of the pilot training project is to raise awareness of mental health issues faced by clergy over their lifetime of ministry, to provide basic skills, models and resources to help equip emerging clergy with the information, understanding and insight they need to respond and refer their congregants affected by mental illness appropriately. Yes, we need each other!

NAMI Affiliate leaders and others who are engaged in seminary training, conferences or workshops of all faiths are encouraged to share this information, in the spirit of NAMI FaithNet. Email namifaithnet@nami.org to share and help strengthen the work and resources of NAMI FaithNet.

By Howard Lovely, Jr.

The following is a letter that I recently sent to my entire family via one cousin that courageously asked to reconnect with me. This is a cousin that I spent a lot of time with as a child. keep in mind that I have been estranged from my biological family for over a decade. I have held this distance in my heart and physically for very specific reasons that I have spoken of in previous posts. The following chain of events are viewed as an “Olive Tree”,…that has for the third time in 41 years,…appeared fully grown for this “family” to recognize,…and then choose to take a branch. The first time occurred around 1973 when the matriarch (Grand Mother Upshaw) emphatically urged my parents to make piece with each other,…and the wisdom went unheeded. I was about 9 years old at that time. The third occurrence took place around 1994 when I was deep in a fit of suicidal, depressive and mental incapacitation to the level that my Aunt Margaret (Carver’s mother) chose to advise my family to assist me,….this too,…went unheeded without my knowledge,…for many years until recently. That amounts to two “Olive Trees” associated with the potential of fostering piece where there is imminent discord, distrust, disrespect and a fractured family bond that is deeper than the height of Mount Everest. In my eyes,…Cousin Carver’s request to reconnect,…represents a third appearance of an “Olive Tree” in this family,…and our (Carver & Howard) recent conversations lead to the following events that I have out-lined in the letter below. Maybe there is potential for my continued healing by selling the collection of antique / collectable weapons that ironically include two of the very firearms,…that I powerlessly and in a confused state of mind,…witnessed my father threaten to kill my mother as a child,…on numerous occasions. In a strange twist of life events,….maybe further healing can be born of the same weapons that caused so much hurt within the family. Choice is the key,…back then,…and now. 


Update:                                                                                                                                              Today I was denied credit card increases or new bank loans to cover the medical expenses. One medical card that I use for my dog was increase by $2900 but I can not use it toward treatment at the Smart-Brain-And-Health facility. Also the interest rates (9 – 40%) and upfront 10 – 15% fees that get taken of the top of the loan,…are way to high and financially dangerous for me to accept a medical loan via a third party that I inquired about.

Howard At Rocky-Mountain-National-Park 5 October 2012

Howard At Rocky-Mountain-National-Park 5 October 2012


The Letter


The above link is to a facility that I need to go and have a type of non-invasive Brain surgery
as an attempt to further my healing process. It came highly recommended by Dr. Phil and there is a video clip of the Dr. Phil show where I learned about the treatment technique.

Treatment Facility:
I’ve been in contact with the agency and have been accepted into the program due to the FDA approval  of their new machine that can potentially help individuals with Anxiety (PTSD) disorder much like myself.
I was initially turned down a month ago because their current machine was not strong enough; however,  the trials and Federal Drug Administration trials have proved successful and I received a call from the director of the treatment facility several days (25 Jan. 2013) ago with the good news.

The cost of the treat will be approximately $11,000.00 (+- 10%)..
I will have to stay in California for the daily treatments at least 30 days and need at least
$2,000.00 for accommodations, $500.00 for food and $1000.00 for two round-trip air fare tickets (one for initial evaluation and one for the treatment period).

Home Re-Finance:
I’ve just (22 Jan. 2013) successfully re-financed my home and cut my interest-rate down from 6.5% to a 3%.
This action will reduce my mortgage down from $749.01 (PITI) to $542 (PITI),….net result is an additional $200.00 per month that will enable me to possible take-out additional debt in the form of a medical-loan.
I plan to apply for a medical loan this week.

Gun Collection:
You gave me an idea of potentially how to raise a few hundred or thousand dollars for the medical procedure.
That is to say sale my drums that are possible still stored in Peaty & Williams attic and potentially sale Dad’s old gun collection including the 1911 (.45 pistol) that may be a rare “singer” of which only 500 were made.
serial numbers S8000001 – S8000500.

If the Family has not already parted with this weapons collection or drums and if the family is willing to choose to help me in this way,…it may be a viable source of funding for my medical treatments.

All they (Family) has to do is choose to call a legitimate antique collector / antique gun collector and negotiate a far price for the entire gun collection.

Since you are currently evolved with this community of collectors,…Carver,….if you choose,…you may be able to assist with this finding of a collector that is willing to pay a fare price. 

I’m not begging for this assistance,…I’ve made it thus far alone for the most part; however,…I am,…pointing to a potential “olive-tree”.

A potential new beginning as cousin Carver has shown me via his actions in recent days.

This is the third time in forty-one years that an “Olive-Tree” has “appeared” in this Family.
The first time I was just a boy. 
The second time,…I was mentally incapacitated to some degree as a young adult.
This time I see it and have the mental awareness to call it out for what it is,…an “Olive-Tree”. 

The fact that last month,…Carver reached out to me in a manner that I deemed to be sincere, un-demanding and non-obligatory,…Carver point-blank asked / expressed his desire to reconnect with me in a respectful manner.
He seems to have recognized my needs as a Man,…as well as his (Carver) own needs / desire as an adult Male.
Carvers actions have re-kindled a since of hope of being seen as,…and respected as a Man within the Family,…rather than continual dis-respect as that long ago lost little boy called “Jr”.
Life continues to amaze me with the confluence of situations / circumstances such as the present time that sometimes provide potential opportunity for new beginnings to help me,…help myself,…simply by selling a few items that are sitting around collecting dust.
The act and fact that Carver confidently and courageously reached out to me last month in a manner that I deemed to be sincere,…and point-blank asked / expressed his desire to reconnect with me in a respectful manner,…a behavior that recognized my needs as a Man,…as well as his (Carver) own desire for connection with “Family” on some level,…
was an “Olive-Tree” in my eyes.
Whether we as individual “Family” members choose to walk over to such an “Olive-Tree” at this time,…and snip a branch off,…is each individuals choice.

With the writing of this letter,…I have chosen to stand before this “Olive-Tree”.
Will you help me,…help myself…?
Keep in mind that creativity,…sourced from source-energy,…has been the salvation of many generations that came before us.

By Howard Lovely, Jr.

As I understand it,…during slavery times in the American Southern States,…my Great GrandMother and other individuals made do with what they were given in terms of food. When the owner of a plantation butchered an animal,…many of the parts were considered waste or unfit for consumption and often times were given to the slaves. Being creative as they always were and continued to be,…cooks put into food their heart, mind, spirit, pain, desires and ingenuity to say the least. Once throw-away animals parts such as pig-tails, pig-ears, guts (chitlins), pig feet  and ribs that had very little meat on them,…would all be paired up with other simple items such as cooked greens. In any other country these simple items would be called peasant-food but in this country it’s known as Soul-Food. Though it has been at least fourteen years since I last cleaned a five-pound bucket of slippery foul-smelling pig guts,…with the business end of a butter knife,…only to end up with about two pounds of edible chitlins,…there is nothing like that nose twisting fragrant aroma of fresh pig intestine. Have mercy on my nose so that my taste buds can rejoice at dinner time…! And don’t forget the hot sauce, cole-slaw and cornbread…! For me,…Soul-Food is a metaphor in terms of my views on relationships of all types (personal, amorous, food, health, spiritual,..etc.,.) at this time in my life. Just like those foul-smelling pig intestines or other scraps of food,…amorous relationships can often times come with their on bits and pieces of “fat”, “foul-smelling crap package” and a “core structure” that seemingly has no meat on it much like a slab of ribs. An individual such as myself may appear this way while overwhelmed with dis-ease as a result of a complex anxiety disorder such as PTSD. Nevertheless,..with a little ingenuity,…that foul-smelling gut wrenching dis-ease (depression, anxiety,..etc.,.) can potentially yield life-sustaining lessons that can / may propel a person forward in ways unimaginable while dwelling in this often times darkness of dispar. Take note of that individual that seems to have nothing going for them but bits of “meaty” character clinging to their spirit,…much like a raw slab of ribs consisting of more bone than meat,…but once cooked up slow and low over the fire of passion,…can yield a mind-blowing feast for the person who is cleaver and alert enough to see the value. Under the most dire circumstances,…many slaves such as my Great GrandMother survived,…I’m proof as such,…as I type these words. I have faith that any relationship,…individualized or as a pair-bond,…can survive with a willing participant(s). Consider putting a little Soul-Food into your relationship with yourself,…and / or your significant other.

By Howard Lovely, Jr.

Yesterday I and a neighbor (Tony) were working his old 1965 Chevy truck bed and his 2002 Chevy Silverado that needed the parking brake adjusted properly. While we were on the driveway adjusting the parking brake,…I noticed that a Blue-Banded Dove flew in next to us only about 5 feet away. I said,…”Tony…!!,…look at how close that bird has gotten to us”,…he looked and said wow!…. As we continued our work on the truck and Lupe (Tony’s wife of 22 years) was watering the lawn,…the Dove flew over to a small 6 foot tree and within 5 feet of Lupe. Once Tony and I adjusted and tested his parking brake,…we proceeded to work on his old truck and here is where things got really interesting with this curious bird. The 1965 Chevy was parked inside the garage and the bird flew into garage,…onto the roof of the truck,…and seemed to observe as Tony and I continued our task of aligning the truck bed in preparation for installation of a new wood surface that will look outstanding on the old classic. The Dove simply perched there observing our every move without flinching,…every now and then cleaning and grooming its feathers. It’s eyes appeared to be ruby-red against its tan – grey plumage. Even our noisy activities did not appear to frighten the dove in any way. At one point I sat my clear plastic water bottle on the edge of the driver side truck bed side panel and next to an automotive manual. The dove flew down off the top of the truck cab and onto the top ledge of the truck bed side panel and began to peck at my water bottle. I said “Tony look!”,….”I think it wants a drink of water!”,…..I walked right past the dove,…passing within one foot as it looked at me as if the bird knew me personally. I searched for a container and I found a small dog water bowl. I then reach for my water bottle,…without hesitation,…and amazingly the bird never flinched as my hand came within no more that six inches of its beak. I also removed the automotive manual on which the bird was standing and the dove responded by simply slowly walking off as I slide the book away but remained in the relative same location and perch on the truck bed ledge. Fortunately the book did’nt have any fresh gifts on it. I poured some of my water from my bottle into the bowl and sat it six inches from the dove and it immediately walked over to the bowl before I could even remove my hand,…perched on the rim and began to drink.

My human body is comprised of approximately 98% water,….a metaphorical “skin covered water bottle” and to the relationships of my dreams I offer drink. To the Woman of my dreams,…I offer drink,…and to myself I offer the drink of awareness. One courageous Blue-Band Dove taught me this lesson yesterday.

Tony and I continued I work for an hour or two as the bird observed. Later I went home while the bird was still perched on the truck. This morning I asked Tony what happened to the bird and if it ever flew out of the garage,…he said: “oh me and Lupe shoo-ed it out of the garage with a broom after you left and it flew away”.