“Resources That Have Helped Me” (A Short List)

National Suicide Prevention Life-Line 1-(800)273-Talk (8255)

EMDR Institute – Watsonville, CA 95077 (831)761-1040           http://www.emdr.com/find-a-clinician.html


Veterans Suicide Prevention Help-Line 1-(800)273-8255  (press 1)


Web – Sites:

1. http://www.Joyfulivingforlife.org

2. http://helpguide.org

3. www.medicinenet.com

4. http://nami.org

5. http://www.makersofmemories.org 


Therapy Methods:

1. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

2. Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing (EMDR)

3. Reconnection (http://www.thereconnection.com)

4. Hypnosis



1. EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing) by Francine Shapiro & Margot Silk Forrest

2. Emotional Healing At Warp Speed (The Power Of EMDR) by David Grand, PH.D.

3. Self Matters (Creating Your Life From The Inside Out) by Phillip C. McGraw, PH.D.

4. Self Matters (Companion) by Phillip C. McGraw, PH.D.

5. The Four Agreements (A Toltec Wisdom Book) by Don Miguel Ruiz

6. Wisdom Of The Ages (A Modern Master Brings Eternal Truths Into Everyday Life) by Wayne W. Dyer

7. The Age Of Miracles (Embracing The New Midlife) by Marianne Williamson

8. The Art Of Sexual Ecstasy (The Path Of Sacred Sexuality For Western Lovers) by Margot Anand

9. Wounded Boys Heroic Men (A Man’s Guide To Recovering From Child Abuse) by Daniel Jay SonKin, PH.D.

10. Infinite Possibilities (The Art Of Living Your Dreams)
by Mike Dooley

11. Spiritual Partnership (The Journey To Authentic Power)
by Gary Zukav

12. The 5 Love Languages (The Secret To Love That Lasts)
by Gary Chapman
An interactive version of this personal profile is available at: http://www.5LoveLanguages.com



1. Esperanza (Hope To Cope With Anxiety And Depression)

2. Science Of Mind (A Guide For Spiritual Living)

3. Spirituality & Health (The Soul / Body Connection)



1. Getting The Love You Want (A Guide For Couples) by Harville Hendrix, PH.D.

2. The Way Of The Superior Man (The Teaching Sessions) by David Deida

3. Spiritual-Cinema-Circle (provides up-lifting & thought-provoking independent films once per month) 1(800)280-8290



1. TantraNova Institute, Chicago Illinois – Tantra

2. Margot Anand, California – Tantra

3. Carla Tara, California – Tantra


The Tantra workshops were instrumental in helping me get back in tune with my feelings as a Man considering that Mental-Illness derailed my sense of Masculinity. The workshops also helped me to learn to verbally communicate my feelings, meditate / focus and breathe properly which can help calm anxiety.

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