Sexuality and Understanding – A Personal Perspective In Terms of Healing From PTSD As a MAN of Color.


Please consider choosing to sign up for the following webinar and join me while learning and potentially healing via greater understanding of the complex issue of sexuality,…in general,…and specifically as a Man or Woman of color. I personally have had to contend with this very personal issue as part of my healing process,…while simultaneously understanding the heavy hit my sense of masculinity withstood,…under the oppressive Spector of Depression, Anxiety and PTSD (Complex Anxiety Disorder). In this culture,…both having a sense of masculinity / femininity and sexuality seem to be,…inextricably intertwined,…thus it is critical for each individual to re-enforce or gain good solid self knowledge in these areas,…in terms of how they are potentially and personally defined by facts, fiction or a combination of both. For the Women,…a sense of feeling less than attractive, sexy and desirable,…may manifest in a number of less than productive emotional & physical ways,…that in part,…may be born of a co-mingling of aspects of Depression, Anxiety, PTSD and sexual stereo types and myths. For me as a Man in recovery from PTSD which damaged my sense of masculinity,…it was helpful to weed-out some of these insidiously less than helpful and down-right,…unhealthy beliefs.

Howard Lovely, Jr.


Free Webinar

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